Augility has engaged Duratec to perform building
infrastructure works at Lancelin Training Area.


The scope of work includes the following:

  • Conduct an UXO survey and clearance before works can commence.
  • Clearing and removal from site of vegetation in approved Bushfire Protection Zones and Asset Protection Zones.
  • Earthworks, trenching and backfill for services installations.
  • Installation and commissioning of a waste water treatment system.
  • Earthworks including backfill and compaction to raise existing ground levels to suit new building installations, and also construct swale drainage for storm water runoff.
  • Installation of new electrical and plumbing services including connecting into existing water supply.
  • Installation of new concrete apron, plinths and footpaths.
  • Supply and installation of a new generator to suit site specific needs.
  • Installation of accommodation, kitchen, ablution buildings and steel canopy plus fit a new gutter system to existing buildings.
  • Installation of new security fencing including access gates.


  • Engaging a UXO Technician to conduct UXO scanning on site and issuing of a UXO clearance certificate.
  • Works being conducted on an active Defence training area with minimal disruptions to Defence activities


  • Building Fit Out
  • Electrical Upgrades 

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